Your business is unique - don't settle for "canned" approaches that only scratch the surface of your need.  Ron learns your business like a business partner should, understanding your company, employees, culture, and marketplace.  Applying his many years of experience and knowledge, he will provide you with competitive advantages to take your business to the next level.

Strategic Planning
Define where you are, and where you want to be.  Assess your strengths and weaknesses.  Then develop a road map to get there.

  • Business vision & philosophy development.
  • SWOT analysis to identify action strategies.
  • Goal execution management.

Financial Modeling
In order to make informed decisions, business owners must know financial consequences and rewards before implementing business strategies.  Ron excels at designing and building computer based "what if" financial models to simplify decision making.  His models are customized to your business - allowing you to watch business assumptions translate into dollars.

  • Assumption-driven budget or forecast models
  • Cash flow projection
  • Sales pricing/profitability models

Management Tracking Systems
Expect positive results when you have a pulse on productivity, quality, and profitability indicators in your business.  Ron helps identify your key performance indicators, define measurement criteria, design efficiency tracking mechanisms, and graphically report performance against benchmarks each month.

  • Financial reports that are readable and useful.
  • Sales pipeline and activity reports.
  • Productivity, quality, and profitability performance reports/graphs.
  • Operations "flash" reports

Procedural Systems
Enable your business to rapidly grow without letting things fall through the cracks.  Ron will help document procedures and create helpful checklist tools - allowing your staff to run the day-to-day operation while you steer the ship!

  • Billing & collections
  • Invoice approval and payment processing
  • Payroll processing
  • Administrative procedures

Your "Go-to" Guy
Entrepreneurs need a trusted confidant when the going gets tough.  Ron's close association with you and your business allows him to be your "go-to" guy like no other.  Count on him to expeditiously and cost effectively handle your sensitive tasks.

  • Loan procurement/debt restructuring
  • Create job description & performance appraisals
  • Design "win-win" performance incentive plans
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Confidential recruiting
  • Customer profitability analysis